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Our Services

Professional Cleaning Services


We wash all horse rugs using an extra large commercial sized washer to ensure they are clean inside and out. We use water at no more than 40°C and hang dry to avoid shrinkage.  All horse rugs are laundered with Nikwax Rug Wash and we re-proof using Nikwax Rug Proof.

We are also happy to launder other pet/outdoor items.

* Turnout with Neck (wash & reproof) - £20

* Standard Turnout (wash & reproof) - £16
* Lightweight Rainsheet (wash & reproof) - £12
* Stable Rug (wash) - £10
* Neck Cover (wash) - £4
* Lightweight Sweat/Travel rugs (wash) - £8
* Travel Boots (wash) - £10 (set of 4)
* Brushing boots/bandages (wash) - £4 per set
* Numnahs/Saddle Cloths (wash) - £4
* Sheepskin numnahs/pads (special wash) - £6
* Dog beds/Outdoor clothing (wash only) - from £4, reproofing available too.

Discounts for very small pony rugs and/or bulk orders.

Usual turnaround times are 10-14 days.

Rug Repairs


We also offer rug repairs.  From replacement of broken catches/buckles, replacing velcro through to repairing more extensive rips and tears.

We can also replace rusty buckles and fittings to refresh those rugs that you love!



Rug repairs - prices from £2, depending on scale of repair.  Here are some example prices:

* Replace clips/buckles £4 each

* Replace Surcingle (long strap) £6

* Replace Surcingle (short end) £4

* Replace Fillet D ring - £4

* Repairing rips/tears -  from £4 depending on size

Urgent turnaround possible

Usual turnaround times are 2-3 weeks.

Please don't throw any damaged rugs away.  We can collect & recycle rugs and, where possible, will repair them and donate them to horse charities.

Tack & Leather Repairs


Broken bridle, reins, headcollar?  I am happy to repair your leather goods.  I can also repair some synthetic items too (e.g. headcollars, lunge lines etc)

Got an awkward sized horse?  Maybe I can help you with made to measure tack or adjust an item to fit.

Other leather goods (e.g. handbags) also mended or made.  Riding boot zip replacements too.


* Tack & Equipment repairs - prices from £10, depending on scale of repair.

* Leather boot zip replacement £40 per boot/zip.

* Bespoke items can be quoted for, get in touch with your requirements.

Urgent repairs possible.  

Usual turnaround times for repairs are 1-2 weeks.  Bespoke items will take longer.

Booking Form

Please complete a booking form and include with your rugs. Please complete 1 form for each rug and put it in the bag with the rug.

Booking Form (pdf)


CRW Loyalty Scheme

Earn yourself discounts...

...once you have sent 5 or more rugs for wash/reproof, you will earn a discount on all future washes/reproofs, as follows:

  • 5+ rugs  ->  5% discount
  • 10+ rugs  ->  10% discount
  • 15+ rugs  ->  15% discount
  • 20+ rugs  ->  20% discount (max.)

This is cumulative so you can keep increasing your discount each time you get your rugs cleaned.

Please note that the discount applies to washes/reproofs only, and does not apply to repairs or leatherwork.  

About Us



I have owned horses since I was a child and still do 30+ years later!  I train and compete regularly in the central belt of Scotland.

After years of mending my own rugs, thanks to one particular horse who likes to pull rugs off his field mates... in pieces(!), I upgraded to an industrial machine and have become proficient at rug repairs.  I am also naturally thrifty so always keen to repair, rather than replace!  I have also since trained in sewing leather goods too.

With the lack of a quality rug wash in my area, I invested in a commercial machine so that I could keep on top of my own yard full of rugs, which quickly blossomed into the business we have today.  



Mark is the chief innovator, creating racks for drying the rugs!

He also does much of the collections and drop offs too.

Terms & Conditions

1. Our liability for loss or damage to any item given to us for cleaning/repairs is limited to the  replacement cost of the lost or damaged items with a reduction for wear and tear. 

2. We will exercise all reasonable care and skill in any cleaning and repairs we do but you must ensure  that all items given to us are suitable for machine washing. We are not liable for shrinkage or any other  deterioration suffered by any item given to us. 

3. We reserve the right to retain all items until payment is received from you. 

4. Any rug repair costing £5.00 or less will not be quoted for.  

Top Tips on Rug Care

1. Don't use laundry detergent

Do not wash your rug yourself using ordinary detergent as you will destroy the waterproof qualities of your rug. Detergent removes waterproofing products that the rug may retain and it may also break down the waterproof membrane that is applied to the inner surface of outdoor rug material. 

2. Pressure washing rugs is bad!

Pressure washers can destroy the waterproof membrane on the inside of the rug material, making it useless as a turnout rug. Also, pressure washing pushes the dirt into the rug, so whilst the outside looks clean, the dirt is just sitting out of sight. 

3. Storing your rugs

Make sure your rugs are dry before you fold them up and put them away.  Many rugs have cotton or non synthetic linings, when stored damp mildew will literally eat the linings out of a rug. 

If you can, store them somewhere dry and warm and avoid keeping them in plastic bas.  If you do, make some holes in the bag.

4. Bio detergents can irritate your horse

You should not use biological washing detergents on any horse-wear as these can result in a skin allergy.  

Contact Us

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We are happy to collect and drop off rugs in the local area.  We cover:

- South & North Lanarkshire 

- East Ayrshire

- West & Mid Lothian

- Parts of the Borders.   

We may be able to cover further afield so please get in touch and we will see how we can help.

Covington Rug Wash

Meadow Mains, Covington, BIGGAR, Lanarkshire ML12 6NE, GB

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Drop Offs & Pick Ups can be arranged during the following hours:

Please let me know, in advance, if you  wish to drop off or collect rugs so that I can ensure there is someone to meet you.  

Monday: 9am - 5pm

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